Swedish to English translation

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Welcome to MidAtlantic Communications, the corporate home of freelance translator Chris Patience. Services include Swedish to English translation and English language proofing and editing.


Swedish to English is the only language combination I offer. Primarily British English, though I also offer American English. A more neutral tone, avoiding specifically British or American phrasing, is another option. Naturally, the level and tone of the language can also be adapted to suit the material and the target audience, be that the general public, consumers, businesspeople or academics, native or non-native speakers.


Proofing involves correcting any spelling mistakes and grammar errors, no rewriting is included. If you would like to have your text rewritten as well, then you need to choose editing instead.


You already have an English text but feel that it needs improvement. Perhaps the language feels stiff with no flow, or perhaps it’s coloured by your native tongue. I can rewrite text to your specifications, either by pulling out all the stops to create something different, or by reigning in the creativity and just tidying up the language. It’s your call.

Translations are debited per word, with the count based on the source text. If the source text is not available digitally, the assignment is debited based on the target word count. Proofing and editing are debited by the hour. Rush jobs incur a supplement of 50 or 100%, depending on the desired delivery time. Unit prices depend on the size and content of the job. Minimum charges apply. Get in touch for a quote.


Most assignments are conducted in cooperation with larger language services agencies, though direct contact with small entrepreneurs and organizations comprises a growing share of business.


MidAtlantic Communications is simply the trading name of freelance translator Chris Patience. Based in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Chris entered the translation industry towards the end of the 1990s. Since then, he has established a loyal client base by focusing on offering timely deliveries of the highest quality.